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by Edmund Leach

If, for Durkheim , the idea of value concealed a veritable antinomy that only an appeal to a conscience collective at once transcendent and immanent could give him the illusion of resolving, Saussure was the first to demystify the problem by showing that the constraining force of values, so puzzling for Durkheim , arose from their systemic character of the same kind as that exercised by every grammar.

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Values are NOT contrary to Durkheim social facts in themselves, but rather they translate the impact on the consciousness of the individual of intellectual constraints resulting from the system of intellectual categories. As one commentator has described it his concern was to see social organisation ' as a combination of elements, never intelligible in itself, but only when its internal arrangement can be seen as one amongst others' Glucksman p.

In a century when man is bent on the destruction of innumerable forms of life, it is necessary to insist, as in the myths, that a properly appointed humanism cannot begin of its own accord but must place the world before life, life before man, and the respect of others before self-respect'. The Savage Mind, p. The structural study of myth excerpt from Structural Anthropology. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series.

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